1.  Bait bans of Nuts,Trout pellets and Cat/Dog meat.

Ground bait is allowed in feeders and pole cups but cannot be fed by hand or any other means.

The feeding of floating baits is no longer allowed, but you may continue to use floating baits on the hook only.

2.  Barbless hooks only to a maximum of size 10

3.  All fish to be returned to the water.  Under no circumstances must fish be taken from or transferred into the pool.

4.  Only one rod and line to be used at any one time.

5.  All nets to be knotless and carp friendly.

6.  Ledger weights and feeders of all types are allowed BUT “in line” ONLY                NO Fixed or Bolt Rigs to be used. In the event of a break of line the feeder or lead must fall away from the lost fish.

7.  Lead shot to Angling Trust Ruling.

8.  Discarded line, shot and tackle to be taken away from the poolside and disposed of safely.

9. Any serious fatality or diseased fish to be reported.

10. No damage to trees, marginal plants or wildlife.

11. No night fishing.

12. No tins to be left at waterside – i.e. sweetcorn and meat tins.

13. No fires.

14. No litter to be left at the fishery, please take all your rubbish away with you.

No Keepnets allowed between 15 March and 15 June inclusive.

From 16 June Keepnets allowed subject to the rules below.

All fish of 5lb or more may be weighed at capture but must then be returned to the water immediately, they must not be placed into a keepnet. This rule will be strictly enforced.  Fish of less than 5lbs may be kept for a maximum of 5 hours.

i)  No Carp or Barbel in keepnets.

ii) No fish to be kept for more than 5 hours.

iii)   Members to use common sense.

All nets should be laid out on the bank (to expose them to uv light and to allow them to dry) as soon as you arrive at your swim. Nets should only be placed into the water when you start fishing. Please leave your nets exposed for as long as possible.



All rules as listed above apply, with the exception of the keepnet rules which are:

All fish weighing approximately 4lbs or less must be placed in one keepnet.

All other fish to be placed in a separate net.

There is a maximum weight of 60lbs permitted in any one net.

All nets must be laid out on the bank upon arrival at the peg, and keepnets should only be placed into the water 10 minutes before the match starts.         It is the responsibility of the match secretary to ensure that all anglers have a valid Rod Licence.


(AMENDED 01/2017 CDW)

1.  a) Official card carrying members only.  Each member to be allowed two juniors

    under his supervision at all times.

b) All members are permitted two angling guests at a cost set by the committee,  with a maximum of 8 guests in total being allowed on the pool in any one day.  Tickets are available from behind the bar of the New Bridge Inn, Shelton Lock, and must be purchased in advance of any fishing and the guest must be accompanied at all times by the member - your attention is drawn to Rule 8.

2.   I/D cards and current membership cards to be carried when visiting the water for any purposes, and must be produced on demand to Andy Jackson (Landowner) or any member of his staff or persons nominated by him.       Please note; all members of the club are required to have a current rod licence (your membership is invalid without one) and this must be produced on demand.

3.  Access to the fishery is through the angler’s gate and via the retractable post only.

Cars should only be parked in designated areas.

4.  Members are confined to the access and poolside only, and must not under any circumstances encroach on EMSS land, fields, crops or buildings - digging out of pegs or pool  bank is forbidden other than at organised working parties.

5.  Members must treat all EMSS staff with respect and courtesy.

6.  No litter - all members will be responsible for removal of all litter from his peg before and after fishing, regardless of who has left the litter.

7.  No foul language - Members should respect the fact that TVG employ a number of females who may be working in areas adjacent to the pool.

8.  Any member or his guest who are reported to the committee for breaching any of the rules, or for any act of misconduct which brings the club into disrepute, is answerable to the committee and may be expelled from the club with loss of all benefits.

9.  Every card carrying member shall be deemed a Bailiff to the pool with responsibility to enforce the rules of Conduct and Angling. 

10.  Any member who introduces fish to the pool, or assists anyone else to do so, without the approval of the committee, will have their membership terminated with immediate effect.